Wayne Hosford



From Performers…

” In the current crop of young pianists and singers, I can think of no one more entertaining than Wayne Hosford. His broad range explores the gamut…his irrepressible enthusiasm is firmly backed up by his thoroughly musical craftsmanship. ”
Bobby Short

” In a word, marvelous. ”
Len Cariou

” Wayne is a truly gifted, clever and funny modern-day Victor Borge who sings and plays wonderfully. He makes me smile. ”
Chita Rivera

” An extraordinary talent. I marvel at his quick mind! A fine composer and winning performer, Wayne is both versatile and vulnerable. I think he’s dynamite! ”
Julie Wilson

” He joked as he swept the stage with an old broom, then he sat down to play and sing. We knew right then we had a star on our hands. ”
Margaret Whiting

” Wayne has compelling stage presence. He plays amazing piano and sings every color of emotion along the way. He’s a natural who has gone on to combine artistry and technique into a definitive style. ”
Lana Cantrell

” Wayne’s damn good. What’s more, he’s not like the rest of the crowd. ”
Sylvia Syms

” Wayne is an outstanding talent who should be heard. ”
Barbara Carroll

” A truly astonishing singer and pianist, equally adept as either who will dazzle you with his zany, anarchic humor one moment and melt your heart the next. ”
Steve Ross